Excellent solutions

Creative approach
Knowledge integration

We help increase profit, improve work environments for employees, minimise environmental load.


Design and realisation of system solutions in internal logistics.


We integrate available knowledge and technologies into practical usage in logistics.


Wisdom, diligence, honesty, freedom, trust. We continue developing for our clients’ wellbeing.


Essential principle of quality policy is individual and personal approach.

Each client is important for us

Therefore, in terms of optimisation projects we approach them with responsibility and full deployment. We subdue our solution to continuous evaluation in such a manner that the final effect after the realisation will provide maximum possible benefit to everybody.

Members of our team have chosen it to be their duty in each stage of the project to see client’s needs, his potentials and continue striving to reach the best possible result. We want to be proud on every single solution, which we propose and perform for our client.

We say that “we gladly think in terms of complexity in order to be able to work with simplicity.”

SALinvest spol. s r.o.

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960 01 Zvolen

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The company registered in the Companies Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica, Section: Sro, Insert No.: č.:8843/S

We protect the nature

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Chamber of auditors

čMember of Slovak Chamber of Logistic Auditors KLA
Ing. Ján Šáli

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